Home but not There

History has sped up, 2022, 80x120cm, oil on canvas
Going round again, 2022, 80x120cm, oil on canvas
Everything as you left it, 2022, 80x120cm, oil on canvas
Deathwish, 2022, 120x80cm, oil on canvas

Thinking of people, we are flooded with memories and emotions that topple over one another in layers, new elements mixing with old, fuzzy and sharp, confusion and imagination re-forming events and impressions. How can we be sure what our perception of that moment really was, and what has been newly mixed in?

As humans we seek security and reliability. The physical aspects of our homes – bricks and beams, seem like solid structures, but when we see the foundations of a house being prepared, we realize how fragile the seemingly solid structures really are. When we see the degradation of figures in our life that once seemed all-powerful, like our parents, we re-evaluate the solidity of life’s structure itself. Something that seems so stable, a place of safety, is shown in actuality to be incredibly fallible.

Following the dream-like quality tradition of the New Leipzig School, this series investigates the emotional states of (in)security, inclusion, stability and recollection. The collage-effect of memory is reinforced through improbable layering of pictorial elements and material texture, skating on the edge of overwhelm with highly-saturated colours and a sense of shifting perspective within the scene, keeping the viewer perpetually off-balance.

We eat time and produce the past 2023, oil on canvas, 80 x 120 cm
The Great Question 2023, oil on canvas, 125 x 160 cm
The Great Question 2023, oil on canvas, 125 x 160 cm
History changing in her hands 2023, oil on canvas, 120 x 90 cm